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June 11, 2013


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Jeff Miraglia

I would add that San Antonio's "Quatrefoil" is a smart and iconic logo that tells a unique destination story both historically and experientially.


Franco died on November, 20th 1975 so there were 9 years after his death. Logo does not represent whole Spain only Sun & Sand destinations, such as Islands and Mediterranean part of it, there is an opposite one which is green, cold and rainy and has steepy mountains and icy landscape, with ski resorts working in winter and no flamenco dance or paella available. Discover it!!

Bill Baker

Would love to explore even more of Spain. You have raised one of the great challenges in designing logos for places. They cannot represent everything nor should they. I also don't believe that it depicts only sun and sand destinations. It captures a spirit and feeling of Spain. However, sometimes there are barriers and challenges that no design can overcome. Sometimes, way too much is expected of a logo design. Thanks for the comment.


I Was trying to persuade Miro to get paid for the logo when he told me : for the king and the Government all gratis.
I was at the time,November 83 General Director for Tourism
The Miro logo was the first abstract logo ever designed for any country and of course it represents the whole of Spain.
The idea to ask Miro was a consequence of the difficulty of representing the whole country with a conventional design
Ignacio Vasallo

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