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September 04, 2012


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yes interesting concept. Though I'm not huge fan of Nike its a thought provoking concept. I often wonder what would happen if Disneyland were asked to turn Rome into a huge theme park instead of all too often dirt ridden , disorganized mass or ruins run by local mafiosi.
Some will shudder at the very thought but if it does bring focus of attention to the need to think simple and outside the box.
So I will definitely"like" this FB page and look forward to following the debate. Ciao from bella Toscana :-)

Bill Baker

Thanks Nick. Yes, please don't take it too literally. But it is thought-provoking to shake people out of their normal frames of reference. I don't think that I'd like a Disney-fied Rome. Take care, may friend. BB


You just made my last 10 minutes a lot better!
Interesting thoughts!

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